2014, the year of 90 Years2014. 90 Yearsĺ Anniversary of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation.

Home page History 2014, the year of 90 Years2014. 90 Yearsĺ Anniversary of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation.
In order to promote the activity of ARSoNP,the Central Board sent letters to the heads of the Republics and the governorsáof the regions asking for assistance and, if possible, for funding for theájubilee events arranged by the regional entities. A number of the heads of the
regions answered the call and provided their support both financially and organizationallyáto the Societyĺs branches and organizations.

All the Societyĺs departments andorganizations held their anniversary conferences, assemblies, broader sessionsáof presidiums with representatives of public environment organizations andámovements and meetings with Societyĺs veterans. All regional events were coveredáin the mass media. Numerous employees of the Society were praised by theáMinistry of Natural Resources (Order of November 25, 2014 No. 878-ls) for theirálong-term and fruitful activity and for their enormous personal impact on the áprotection and restoration of unique naturalálandmarks, achievement in the arrangement and execution of public environmentaláprotection and educational activity in the All-Russian Natural ConservationáSociety. The sign ôFor Merit in the Craft of Natural Reservationö was given toáV.A. Brinikh (of Adygea), T.G. Kurinova (of Kamtchatka), M.I. Sergeeva (ofáKrasnodar). The sign ôHonorary Worker of Nature Conservationö was given to D.V.áByrdin (of Kostroma), G.V. Esyakova (of Vladimir), N.V. Peshkova (of Lipetsk),
T.S. Sozontyeva (of Nizhni Novgorod), V.S. Tsvil (of Arkhangelsk), V.M.áShlenova (of Irkutsk). The sign ôExcellence in Nature Conservationö was given
to V.P. Ivanov (of Saratov), N.M. Kalinkin (Sverdlovsk), A.P. Kudryavtsev (ofáRostov), V.V. Lukanin (of Karelia), T.F. Lyadova (of Tatarstan), V.S. Pashková(of Belgorod), T.Y. Puzyreva (of Perm), A.F. Sokolski (of Astrakhan), G.M.áSuvorova (of Yaroslavl), M.O. Frenkel (of Kirov).The áHonorary Certificate of the Ministry was givenáto Y.V. Babak (of Orenburg), V.Z. Bitarov (of Northern Ossetia, M.M. Gladyshev
(of Oryol), Y.N. Zhenikhov (of Tver), A.K. Zazulinsky (of Stavropol), R.A.Kovalyov (of Tula), O.I. Kolomiytseva (of Rostov), V.O. Sidorov (of
Khabarovsk), A.A. Solovyov (of Omsk).á

The Presidium of the Central Board awarded the Societyĺs employees andáactivists with a sign ôFor the Conservation of Russian Natureö (92 people),with the title ôHonorary Memberö (80 people) and with anniversary certificates(450 people).

On 28 November 2014 apress conference took place in Moscow at the press-center of the InternationaláInformation Agency ôRussia Todayö. The participants of the conference spokeáabout current projects and programs of the Society and about its plans for theáfuture.

On 15 December 2014 theceremony for the Societyĺs 90 yearsĺ anniversary took place in St. Petersburg.

The chairmen and deputychairmen of the regional branches and the Societyĺs organizations, the CentraláBoard and the Presidium Members, scientists and representatives of the massmedia took part in this ceremony.á

Greetings andcongratulations were received from the head of the Presidential Administrationáof the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the Council of the Federation of theáFederal Assembly of the Russian Federation, as well as from the Federal Serviceáfor Supervision in the area of the Use of Natural Resources, the Governors ofáSt. Petersburg and of Kostroma, and also from the Ministry of Ecology andáNatural Resources of the Moscow Region.á