ARSoNPs Goals

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The Societys primary goal is topromote the public movement for a healthy and favorable environment in Russia, tobring about the conditions that would guarantee its environmentally sounddevelopment.

To achieve these goals, the Society is committed to realizing thefollowing objectives:

Toprotect the constitutional rights and legal interests of RF citizens to a cleanand favorable environment, including legal representation in courts and otherstate bodies.

Toparticipate in formulating and expressing an independent public opinion on themost critical environmental issues of the Russian Federation and its regions.

Toconsolidate the efforts of RF citizens and to support state authorities inmaintaining the environmentally secure development of the country.

Toparticipate in ecological education and support awareness, to promote an ecologicalculture in people of all ages from pre-school age upwards.

Tocarry out environmental research and practical environmental activity.Tomaintain public control over the compliance with environmental legislation bystate and local authorities, individuals and entities.

Topromote club activities in natural science and other areas that encourage the protectionand improvement of the environment.