All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation [All-Russian Society for Environmental Protection]

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This long-established massorganization, the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (hereinafter referredto as ARSoNP), has left its mark on the countrys history as a relevantadvocacy group defending the state of the environment. It has contributed to thedevelopment of the publics efforts to protect nature and to use its resources wisely.

ARSoNP is one of the members of theCoordination Board of Russian Civic Organizations and a member of the RoundTable of Civil Organizations for Ecology. It has also founded suchorganizations as the Russian Green Cross, the Ecology Congress and the RussianEnvironmental Movement.The society is active internationally.Since 1960, it has taken part in the International Union for the Conservationof Nature. In 1984, the Society was awarded the Silver Medal of the UnitedNations Environment Programme.

Currently, ARSoNP is continuing tosuccessfully develop its relations with local committees for environmentalprotection, with ecology foundations, as well as with state and publicentities, and local authorities. It is doing so by maintaining a regularexchange of information, by co-running various environmental events, and byfunding contractual works in the sphere.

ARSoNP has its branches in allregions of the Russian Federation. Within its own structure, it comprises scientific researchers from different sectorsof the economy.