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In order to facilitate theindependent and meaningful activity of civil activists, ARSoNP is running theAll-Russian project called Public Ecological Control. Within the project,groups are being formed of people committed to realizing their potential in environmentalprotection. Young people, including students, middle aged people and seniorsare being trained to become civil activists in order to be able to specifytasks and coordinate groups by sharing responsibility among the appointedexecutives. Moreover, within the framework of the project, the Society issuesteaching materials to train the new groups of eco-activists systematically.

When the groups are being trained ina specific territory, the eco-activists identify the ecologically problematic areasthat are to be marked on the general ecological map. This helps to organize thesystematic work of volunteers and of special services, as well as that of the representatives of the business community in eliminating the problems revealed,such as unauthorized dumps, discharges from sewers into freshwater reservoirsetc. Over 80 events have taken place in the Societys offices in Adygea,Sverdlovsk, Khabarovsk for the period of 2014 and early 2015.