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On December 15th in the HotelAngleterre conference hall (located on 24 MalayaMorskaya Street, ARSoNP, during its 90th Anniversary celebrations, held the awardsceremony of the Green Ray National Environmental Award. The ceremony startedwith an address by the Governor of St.Petersburg, Georgy Poltavchenko, who congratulatedthe Society on its 90th anniversary, "The work you are doing is veryimportant and necessary. The city government is actively cooperating with theSt. Petersburg branch of the Russian Society for Nature Conservation. We have acommon goal: it is not only to achieve a comfortable and prosperous life for our citizens, butalso to bequeath athriving, environment to futuregenerations". Georgy
Poltavchenko stressed that itis important to ensure the environmental well-being of large cities, such as St. Petersburg.

The award recipients were announced by the Chair of the Central board of ARSoNP,Lyubov Duyko, and the Executive Director, Yury Babak. The ceremony included 9 nominations.

The Governor of Saint Petersburg, Georgi Poltavchenko, received the Award for SpecialContribution to the Development and Promotion of Environmental Education fromthe Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Natural Resources, NatureManagement and Ecology, Mikhail Slipenchuk. The Award for Achievements ofEnvironmental Responsibility in Nature Conservation was received by the PRDirector of Lukoil Oil, Gleb Ovsyannikov. OJSC Russian Railways won in the categoryEcological Business. The award for Achievements in International andInterregional Cooperation in Nature Conservation and Development was presented bythe Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Natural Resources, NatureManagement and Ecology, Mikhail Slipenchuk.An Eco Region award was given to the Committee for Nature Management
represented by its Chairman, Valeri Matveev. This is recognition of the work of the entire city government inregard to environmental issues. We have both good results and something toaspire to," said the head of the Committee. In addition, awards were presented for the followingcategories: "Eco-Media", which went to the TV channel "Russia- 1"," Environment and Society "and" Breakthrough of the Year", which marked the work carried out by Elvira Reutskaya, Executivedirector of the St. Petersburg branch of the Society. Finally, the"Environment and Society" award was given to the Chairman of theAll-Russian environmental social movement "Green Russia", Konstantin Kurchenkov.