November 29, 2004. All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation turns 80.

Home page History November 29, 2004. All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation turns 80.
2004 marked the Societyĺs 80thanniversary. A range of events dedicated to the date were planned. The mainápurpose of the events was to consolidate the Societyĺs organizational units andárevitalization of the peopleĺs activity improving the environment in the regions.

All the Societyĺs organizations heldspecial anniversary plena, conferences, broader presidiums sessions, paneládiscussions with representatives of other environmental organizations andámovements, meetings with the Societyĺs veterans, appearances in the various massmedia and other kinds of events.Booklets envisaging ô80 YearsAnniversary of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservationö were issued ináseveral organizations in regions (in Arkhangelsk, Bashkiria, Komi, Novosibirsk,áNorth Ossetia, Tatarstan, Tver etc.) based on archive materials on the natureáconservation movement. The Society also published another brochure ô80 YearsáAnniversary of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (history,ástages, perspectives)ö edited by I.F. Barishpol, the Chairman of the Presidiumáof the Central Board. The jubilee events attracted the attention of localáauthorities, mass media, and of the people in general to the Societyĺs actualáactivity and to its challenges.

Local administrations and regional environmentcommittees ámarked the work of theáSocietyĺs staff and activists with awards.

The following employees of theSociety were awarded by the Ministry of Natural Sources (Order dated Novemberá23, 2014 No. 2358) for long-term and fruitful activity in the All-RussianáNatural Conservation Society. The honorary title ôHonorary Worker of NatureáConservationö was awarded to T.A. Balitskaya (of Tver), N.L. Vasina (of St.Petersburg), V.I. Yefimova (Central Board), L.D. Zhukova (of Kirov), S.D.áKorobkov (of Saratov), T.A. Onishchenko (of Vologda), M.I. Sergeeva (ofáKrasnodar), M.I. Fomin (of Kostroma), N.L. Shott (Central Board). The badgeáôExcellence in Nature Conservationö was presented to D.V. Byrin )of Kostroma),G.V. Esyakova (of Vladimir), T.G. Kurinova (of Kamtchatka), N.V. Peshkova (ofáLipetsk), Sozontyeva (of Nizhni Novgorod), T.G. Sokolova (of Vologda), O.M.áTeplovodski (of the City of Moscow), V.M. Shlenova (of Irkutsk), V.G.áScherbakov (of Novosibirsk), N.I. Yakusheva (of Perm). Honorary Certificate waságiven to B.Y. Bratch (of Komi), I.E. Bulikina (Central Board), L.F. Kaylova (ofáIvanovo), N.A. Lushchik (of the City of Moscow), TF. Lyadova (of Tatarstan),V.A. Myakishev (Central Board), S.V. Nikolaev (Central Board), V.S. Tsvil ) ofáArkhangelsk), G.F. Tsikh (of Astrakhan).

All of the above demonstrated the highlevel of esteem in which the Societyĺs organizations and staff and activists wereáheld by the public.

The Presidium of the Central Board awardedits employees and activists the badge ôFor Nature Conservationö (167 people),áwith anniversary certificates (1000 people) as well as with the title ôHonoraryáMemberö (97 people).

On 29-30 November 2004 a jubileeconference and plenum ô80 Years Anniversary of ARSoNP and Public áMovement on Nature Conservationö took place ináMoscow. Amongst the participants were the Chairmen and deputy chairmen of the Presidiumsáof the Societyĺs regional branches, the heads of the Research and TechnologyáSections, members of the Central Board and its presidium, prominent scientists,áand representatives of a range of environmental entities such as the RussianáEcology Union, the Green Cross, the Social Ecological Union, the EcologicaláPolicy Centre, Eco-Concordance, Greenpeace and others, including the representativesáof the mass media.The conference and the plenumresulted in the passing of a resolution and a regulation containingárecommendations for the Societyĺs structure, public movement for nature
conservation and environmental authorities.á