The Eighth Congress of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation, of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (September 11-12, 1986)

Home page History The Eighth Congress of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation, of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour (September 11-12, 1986)
The eighth congress was held in Moscow. It approved the Principal Directionsof Society for the 12th five year plan period (1986-1990), and the newobjectives for all directions of its activity were proposed.

The Congress elected the executives:the Central Board, the Presidium of the Central Board and the AuditingCommission. V.N. Vinogradov was elected Chairman of the Presidium of the CentralBoard, I.F. Barishpol was elected First Deputy of the Chairman and G.G. Gan,O.S. Kolbasov and V.E. Dudkin as Deputies of the Chairman.

In 1986-1990 the Ministry of WaterResources sought to carry out a number of large projects, such as the transfer ofthe river flow and a few other projects of the century, like the constructionof the Volga-Chogray Canal and the second basin of the Volga-Don Canal. Thiswould lead to totally unpredictable environmental consequences.

Influenced by public opinion, theCentral Board announced its strong disagreement with the Ministrys position onthe pages of Pravda in April 1988. Ultimately, reason won the day.

The methods and means of propaganda usedby the Society were highly successful. It arranged the All-Russian Competitionof Public Environmental Editorials at republican, regional and oblast levelsfor local newspapers. The results of the competition were summarized in 1991.

The Society enhanced its collaborationwith the cinema. During the reporting period, on the Central Boards request, variouscinema production studios made a variety of different films. The thirdrepublican environmental film festival was held in the city of Makhachkala. Thefirst environmental amateur film competition took place in the city ofAstrakhan.

In 1990, for the first time, ARSoNPtook part in the Ecofilm international film festival with a film called Bio-Shieldwhich was awarded the festival prize.

Another area of activities waspublishing. During the reporting period, the Central Board published a photobook called The Nature of Russia. New books were written including The Natureof My Country written by a member of the Central Board, Y.K. Yefremov, andSaint Baykal written by another member, O.K. Gusev. A wide range of literaturewas issued through the local organizations efforts.The launch of two newspapers was extremelysignificant in the life of the Society of that time.

The Central Board participateddirectly. These were the newspapers called The Green World and the EcologicalNewspaper.