The Ninth Congress of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (October 31 November 1, 1991)

Home page History The Ninth Congress of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (October 31 November 1, 1991)
The Ninth Congress took place in Moscow. The congress elected I.F. Barishpol as Chairman of the Presidium, G.G.Gan, O.S. Kolbasov and V.A. Markov as his Deputies and N.L. Shott as the Secretary.In 1991, the countrys socio-political formation changed overnight. The freemarket, privatization and private property appeared. The Soviet Union collapsedand economic, political, cultural and international relations between republicsand peoples broke down as a consequence. Economic, social and national spheresand demography suffered a downturn.

These and other issues were underdiscussion at the Societys Ninth Congress. The Congress approved a new editionof the Charter, bringing it in line with the laws in force at the time. For thefirst time, the Charter was registered in the Ministry of Justice and received acertificate dated 9th December 1991 No. 466. The Congress approvedthe Societys Program in which the basic principles and strategic objectivesfor the period of the years 1992-1996 were redefined.

There were new prospective initiativesanticipating the resurrection of Russia. Along these lines the SocietysProgram of continuous ecological education for the people of Russia wascreated.

Special attention was turned to workwith the youngest Russian citizens, the preschoolers. The main event that theSociety held in this regard was the All-Russian Competition of the BestAmateur Plays Staged in Pre-School Institutions and Dedicated to the Environment.To that end, the Society hosts the All-Russian conference Problems andPerspectives of Ecological Education in Pre-School Institutions, at least onceevery 2 years.

On 19th May 1995 the RF LawOn Public Associations was passed.