The Postwar Congress of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (April 26-29, 1947)

Home page History The Postwar Congress of the All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation (April 26-29, 1947)
The Congress took place in Moscow. Thechairman of the Congress was Professor F.N. Petrov. The Congress acted toregister all the natural landmarks requiring conservation and to develop themethods of such conservation. The Congress final resolution set the objectivesfor the period of restoration and drew up the possible methods of solution. TheCongress decided to take all available measures that would make the Society atruly mass public organization. It prepared a public message To Naturalistsand Nature Lovers for that purpose. The Societys newly elected CentralCouncil consisted of eminent researchers, academicians and ministers of publiceducation and of higher education in the RSFSR. Academy Fellow N.V. Tsitsin waselected as the Societys Chairman. The main objective for the new stage was practicalassistance to the state in the rational use of natural resources, arrangementof state reservations, protection of forest parks, green areas, conservation ofcertain natural landmarks, organization of the Garden Week, of the Day ofBirds, of the Forest Month, participation in the greening of cities andtowns, development of bee and fish farming, harvesting of raw materials forpharmaceuticals and of valuable plant seeds.

During the postwar period specialattention was given to local branches which were established by the Resolution ofthe RSFSR Council of Ministers On Nature Conservation in RSFSR dated 25thSeptember 1946. Local branches soon became a central vehicle in the work of theSociety.

September 1953. Two civicorganizations, the All-Russian Society for the Promotion of the Protection of Urban Green Space and ARSoNP,enshrining similar objectives, united their resources into a single entity. Thetwo civic organizations merged into a single organization named the All-RussianSociety for the Promotion of Nature Conservation and Greening of Urban Areas.An Organizing Committee of the new Society was established with G.A. Avetisian asits chairman.

May 1954. A conference was arrangedto discuss the current situation and the perspectives of natural reservationsin the USSR. The Society was one of the initiators of the conference.

May 1956. A draft of the regionalnetwork of natural reservations in the USSR was discussed at the Presidium ofthe Society. In its resolution the Presidium noted the draft as submitteddeserving its full support and approval.